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Monthly Archives: September 2011

I’ve had my Sigma Brushes for about a week now and I’ve used them everyday. I’m completely in love with the face brushes both the F84 synthetic brush and the face brushes that came in the Make Me Blush set (pictured below).

The F84 is amazing. I can not stress that enough. I have never had anything that blended foundation so well. Love, love, love!!

The Make Me Blush set is also amazing and a great value because the container it comes in transforms into 2 brush holders that I’m currently using for all my brushes. The holders are a little tall for shorter brushes but I remedied that by using beads in the bottom. As I said before I love the face brushes in this set. Also I really like the eye brushes but the eye brushes do seem to shed more than I would expect. Overall I’m extremely satisfied and will be purchasing more from sigma!!

You can buy Sigma Brushes here: Sigma Brushes

Disclaimer: I bought these products myself and am not being compensated for this review.








I ordered the entire set of NYX jumbo eye pencils off eBay! I even found hot pink which has been discontinued!

I also hauled several MAC products from 2 different CCOs this weekend! I got 2 brush sets, a single brush, one pigment, 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and 3 cream color bases. =)



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