From the Lush website:

The pale yellow color is ideal for those with medium warm skin tone, or as a winter makeup for olive skins that haven’t seen the sun in a while. If you have tones of light brown to yellow and tend to tan easily, then Light Yellow will look most natural on you. Another way to tell if you have warm tones is to hold gold and silver jewelry up to your face. Which one compliments you more? Gold often suits warmer tones better than silver.

Have a subtle brown or yellow undertone? Light Yellow is the supplement for you.
Blemish? What blemish? Light Yellow is the ideal supplement for hiding blemishes and dark circles, as the yellow neutralizes red or dark tones.
For the perfect match: Remember to try your color supplement along your jaw line, never your wrist!


I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while and all of the color supplements are rated 5 stars on the Lush website. Overall this is a fairly decent product and does even out my skin quite nicely, however i found myself put off my the ingredients. This product contains parabens, which does not really freak me out but since Lush sells handmade products it seems a little odd.




Have you used any of the Lush Color Supplements?