It’s actually been years since I got anything from lush. I’m so glad I rediscovered them! Here’s what I got:

1. Small hands serum: I’ve been using this at night before bed because I have dry skin on my hands but hate putting on lotion. Works well for me!

2. Lemony flutter cuticle butter: this has helped my super dry cuticles so much! I’ve been using it at night before bed.

3. Silky Underwear dusting powder: I’ve never used a powder like this but surprisingly it’s quite moisturizing.

4. T for Toes: love putting this in shoes to freshen them up.

5. Snake oil hair treatment: smells bad but works well on my sometime flaky scalp.

6. Lip fairy lip tint: I thought this would be a nice pink tint and it’s bubblegum flavored. It’s basically sheer and the bubblegum flavor is way too strong. Disappointing.

7. Lovely jubilees: absolutely love everything about it.

8. Sweet lips lip scrub: chocolate flavored lip scrub. Amazing.

9. Whipstick lip balm: chocolate flavored balm to use after scrub. Love!