Moon Rabbit Cosmetics is a new indie mineral makeup company that will be opening by the end of January. To start they will be selling two limited edition collections, Groundhog Day Collection and Valentine’s Day Collection. Today I have the Valentine’s Day set to show you. In the swatch photos, the swatch on the left is over bare skin and the swatch on the right is over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.

My Valentine’s Day set came in this adorable Valentine’s themed bag. I love packaging and extra touches and I think this is great!

Inside the themed bag was a smaller pink bag with the Valentine’s set, a business card and an extra sample. Again I love that the collection was in a separate pink pouch!

The business card. I love the logo on the card and on the back was a hand written note from the owner, Jess Bee.

Yellow #1. This is the extra sample that I received.


Yellow #1 is a nice bright yellow with glitter/shimmer. It applied very smooth and did not feel gritty at all.

Valentine’s Day Collection.



Beau is a gorgeous shimmering pink. I was completely blown away when I swatched this color. Beau is amazingly smooth and feels wonderful.



Smitten is a burgandy-ish color with coordinating sparkle. Again, I was completely impressed. Smitten is smooth and not gritty at all.



Cupid is a shimmery pink-gold color. This color was also smooth and not gritty. This is the lightest color in the set so I think it’s a great addition.



Unrequited Love is an awesome black with multicolored glitter. This was an awesome surprise in the collection as it’s an unexpected color. This shadow is also smooth and not gritty at all.

In conclusion I definitely recommend checking out Moon Rabbit Cosmetics and liking their Facebook page for updates. I was very impressed by the quality of the colors and the attention to detail in the packaging and I plan to purchase a couple of full sizes. I can not wait to see more colors from them in the future!

Pricing: Valentine’s Day Full Set – $16
Valentine’s Day Sample Set – $4
Groundhog Day Full Set – $12
Groundhog Day Sample Set – $4
Sample – $1
Full Size – $4
Shipping – Not stated

Shadow Amounts – Samples – 1/8 tsp
Full Size – 1 tsp

Do you plan on trying out Moon Rabbit Cosmetics?

Products sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.