Here’s a look at my top 10 posts from 2011:

1. MAC posh paradise paint pots: I love these so it doesn’t surprise me that this was on the top!

2. October Birchbox: being on the east cost I’m usually one of the first ones to receive my box so this makes sense.

3. revlon tutti frutti lip butter: lots of lip butter posts in the top ten. Everyone loves them!

4. revlon sweet tart lip butter: see what I mean 🙂

5. benefit hervana: I absolutely love Benefit boxed powders and this one is no exception! And yes I have them all!

6. revlon lollipop lip butter: and again 🙂

7. revlon gum drop lip butter: yep!

8. September birchbox: common themes are common.

9. sephora friends and family haul: love friends and family sales!

10. blog sale: everyone loves a good sale!

what was your favorite part of 2011?