I have been wanting to try garnier bb cream since hearing about it showing up overseas. When people started reporting seeing it in the US I went to every drugstore in my town and while out of town for the holiday I stopped at each drugstore I passed. I finally found it on the way home from the trip at a random Walgreens on christmas day in the pouring rain!

This bb cream is nothing short of amazing. It makes my skin feel wonderful and evens out my skin tone. It is very moisturizing and between a matte and dewey finish. I don’t remember the exact price I paid but it was somewhere between $10-$13. I have only tried one other bb cream and that was the MAC version which I do like but I like this one much better (gasp). There is a perfume smell to the cream as i know some are sensitive to smells. On to the pictures: for reference I got the shade light/medium and I am NC 20/NC 25.





blended out with fingers

Have you tried any bb creams? Which is your favorite?